At IBS we cover a wide expanse of the service spectrum, proficiently. With adequate resources operating on a large scale, we have the flexibility to deliver solutions not just nationally, but globally.

IBS is geared to deliver services even as market conditions change. Preexisting delivery capabilities and streamlined recruitment processes allow systems to scale up as per requirement. This way we keep processes cost effective while allowing modification to the process without hindering it in any way.

Business Process Outsourcing
Our key business which includes inbound calling processes with contact centers at Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad along with fulfillment offices in Bangalore.

Customer Relationship Management
Whether its B2B or B2C, IBS specializes in relationship programs. The strategic role of relationship management consulting and servicing takes place across all the offices.

Software Solutions & Services
Technology capabilities have been instilled within the IBS ecosystem. We develop CRM ERP’s for clients like DLF Homes, JCB, Citibank and Pedigree. We run their CRM initiative on the platform designed and developed in-house.

Industry Specific Solutions
Whether your industry is small scale or large, IBS gives you the perfect customer-centric solution suite to match your needs.
.  Automobile
.  Banking & Finance
.  Real Estate
.  Telecom
.  Earth Moving Equipments
.  NGO
.  Media
.  E-commerce