With offices in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad and Bangalore, IBS has grown to meet every challenge that comes its way, seamlessly.
Each location is selected with an objective to best serve the client’s and the customer’s needs keeping in mind the business objectives, cultural considerations, language requirements and cost reduction goals.
With local leadership in place, IBS offices across India are seamlessly integrated with each other for multi-city operations.


With a hire rate of 5-8%, at IBS only the best get in. We select candidates from pools of pre-screened applicants, who are then trained for proficiency in over 15 languages depending on their process.
At IBS, we focus on retention just as strongly as we focus on recruitment. As a result we have some of the best numbers when it comes to employee retention.


At IBS, the core of our business is human interaction. That’s why we encourage and facilitate it amongst all our employees and senior management. Each IBS office is designed to accommodate flexible work hours and accessibility across teams and levels.
Some of our key features include:
24 Hours, 150 seat Cafeteria
Ergonomically designed workstations
Easy to Access office locations
Self-Owned Offices

Employee Speak

IBS is a great place for young and creative minds to apply their skills and knowledge and let their talents prosper in a positive working environment. Working with IBS has proved to be a life changing experience for me.
Dinesh Manghani - Manager
Quality work, great environment and learning opportunities are the reasons why I prefer IBS. I have been given every opportunity to develop my skills. I am very happy to be a part of this organization.
Ajay Gupta, Assistant Manager-Reliance
In the 11 years that I have been working with IBS, I have been able to develop myself both personally and professionally. IBS has always provided me with avenues to grow along with a never-ending stream of support from colleagues and seniors.
Namita Maheswari – Gp Account Manager
I joined IBS as an agent and grew alongside the company. It’s been 10 years and we’re still moving swiftly from strength to strength. I am lucky to be a part of an organization that encourages me to be the best that I can be.
Sarabjeet – Manager
It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth at every level. That is why it has been an honour to work with IBS. It’s a company made up of a determined set of individuals who inspire us everyday, to do better.
Deepak Vats, Group Account Manager


  • IBS will look to Increase the number of Strategic Investments on Board
  • The IBS Vision for the next 10 years - To be amongst the TOP 3 BPOs of the country
  • Expansion in full swing – IBS looks to increase its infrastructure in NCR to meet growing demands of existing clients and new businesses