The IBS Story

Can a business be made simpler? Could traditional BPOs be more than just inbound call centers? It was in 1999, that we answered these questions with IBS.

At a time when many in the industry were struggling to survive, let alone post a profit, IBS found its rhythm with a novel business model; A model with innovation at its core and a pragmatic approach of conserving resources while reducing operational costs.

Whether it’s Telecom or Insurance, Automobiles or FMCG, at IBS we strive to offer a unique amalgamation of strategic prowess and operational efficiency to several industry verticals and market leaders who constitute our esteemed clientele.

At IBS we maintain a razor sharp focus on the customer. This singled-minded endeavour has led us to grow from a single office with 1 process and 15 employees to 25 processes with 950 employees across offices in India.

From Strength to Strength

Here at IBS, we possess the determination to meet each client demand with a lateral approach guided by innovation. As a result we’ve acquired and honed various strengths along the way.

The industry is constantly changing and IBS has managed to stay at the forefront of it for almost 2 decades and counting. By taking an outsider perspective of the BPO industry, we’re constantly complementing it with value additions, making IBS an industry standard for innovation.

At IBS, we believe in a simple mantra – your customer is our customer. In each vertical, each process, the customer is given our paramount attention. From customer acquisition, relationship management to customer retention, at IBS, we are an omnipresent force throughout the customer life cycle.

At IBS, we don’t just rely on our tech, we also create it. With in-house capabilities for developing software solutions and services we innovate to enrich the customer life cycle and make processes faster and simpler.

Learning is a never ending process for us at IBS. Every new client, every process, every project, every customer interaction is an opportunity to learn and deliver at the same time. IBS is constantly sharpening and streamlining its practices, its teams and its objectives.

Ahead of the Curve

At IBS, we aspire to inspire.
We take a 360 view of our business, both from the centre and the periphery. As a result we’re able to realign our business services for better cost reduction, greater access to talent, increased agility and overall results.

We’ve streamlined processes by assigning the right teams, right office and right strategy to each one of them. We’ve taken an inverted pyramid approach, learning from the experience of the front-office processes and applied it to our knowledge intensive processes.

As a result of this, we’ve been able to achieve quite a few industry firsts in our journey.

The first and the only outsourcing company in the country to have launched a relationship program in the pet food category

The first relationship program within the category, with CAs across North India providing sales

The first outsourcing company to manage the life cycle of platinum customers of a telecom major

The first relationship program to enhance sale of aesthetic syringes

The first CRM center for an earthmoving equipment manufacturer in India

IBS Timeline

Sameer Madan started IBS.
First Process – with 60 seats.

2001 – 2003
IBS becomes Private Limited Company
Introduction of Field Operations
Employee Strength goes up to 150

Open second office in Delhi
First CRM Solution delivered
Employee Strength - 400

Go Pan India
Offices in Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore and Coimbatore
Employee Strength - 500

First premium process acquired
CLCM Forte for both B2B and B2C
Language Capability increase to 14+
Employee Strength up to 900

IBS Logo

New IBS Logo, is a summation of what IBS stands for. It’s amazingly simple in form, and yet incredibly intricate, in what it implies. It is both a symbol of our endless perseverance towards each of our businesses and a clear enunciation of our global reach.

The lines wrapped around the globular speech blurb represent IBS prowess in communication and the technology which spans the circumference of the earth.

The bold typefaces has been chosen to highlight a bold new era for IBS, while inheriting the simplicity which has been the bedrock of IBS since its inception.